This is an ultra-small spectrometer which is associated with wireless data collection.

 NanoSpec is the smallest spectrometer, portable and affordable  
 spectrometer in the world.
 This is the first battery powerd wireless spectrometer.



   Optical Specifications     Description
   Wavelength range   340-880 nm
   Wavelength Reporting Interval   < 2nm
   Optical Resolution (FWHM)   < 5nm
   Wavelength Accuracy   < ± 0.1 nm (at 650 nm)
   Wavelength Reproducibility   < ±0.02 nm for 10 consecutive scans (NIST 2034)
   Photometric Accuracy   < ±8.0%
   Photometric noise   < 0.01 A 80 scan at 0 A , 500 nm
   Integration Time   < 54 µs - 2000 ms
   Baseline flatness   < 0.01 A 0.5 Second blank ,0.5 second scan at 0 A , 500 nm
   Typical Scan Time   0.1 s
  Linear CCD
    Physical Specifications     Description
   Communication Interface    USB 2.0 (Full Speed)
   A/D Conversion    14 bit
   Software    Windows XP, 7,8
   Wireless Communication Range    Up to 10 meter range
   Battery Life    5 hours (Light Source on)
  Operating temperature    5 - 50 °C
   Dimensions    56 mm (L) * 34 mm (W) * 25 mm (H)
   Storage temperature    -20 -70 °C
   Full Charging Time    1 hour
   Charging Type    USB charger


A Portable spectrometer is used to perform spectral measurement and inspect LEDs or the like.
The emission spectrum of LCDs is monitored with a micro-spec-trometer. Portable spectrometers are used in environmental analysis of water, soil, and the like.
Absorbance is used in applications such as handy brix meters, which measure sugar content integrated into color printers and other printing equipment

micro-spectrometers monitor the color of printed materials

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