NanoSpec Pro
This is an ultra-small spectrophotometer which is associated with wireless data collection.

  NanoSpectro is the smallest spectrometer, portable and           
affordable spectrometer in the world.  



   Optical Specifications     Description
   Wavelength range   340-880 nm
   Wavelength Reporting Interval   < 2nm
   Optical Resolution (FWHM)   < 5nm
   Wavelength Accuracy   < ± 0.1 nm (at 650 nm)
   Wavelength Reproducibility   < ±0.02 nm for 10 consecutive scans (NIST 2034)
   Photometric Accuracy   < ±8.0%
   Photometric noise   < 0.01 A 80 scan at 0 A , 500 nm
   Integration Time   < 54 µs - 2000 ms
   light source   Incandescent with LED support
   Typical Scan Time   0.1 s
   Detector   Array Multichannel
    Physical Specifications     Description
   Communication Interface   USB 2.0 (Full Speed)
   A/D Conversion   14 bit
   Software   Windows XP, 7,8
   Wireless Communication Range   Up to 10 meter range
   Battery Life   5 hours (Light Source on)
  Operating temperature    5 - 50 °C
   Dimensions    56 mm (L) * 85 mm (W) * 39 mm (H)
   Storage temperature    -20 -70 °C
   Full Charging Time    1 hour
   Charging Type    USB charger


The portable spectrophotometers offer menu navigation through all applications, large backlit graphic display for concise operation with the structured menu and graphical evaluation, and direct access to standard functions such as menu related settings, dilution, quotation mode via function keys.
The portable spectrophotometers also offer selection tables for convenient method selection and searchable fields for data, parameters and methods.
Spectral analytics is especially dedicated for studies of (unknown) substances, development of methods (testing programs) and for optimizing testing systems: ie. To determine the maximum absorption and therefore the suitable wavelength for test systems, spectra are run over a wide wavelength range on the portable spectrophotometer.  This allows the user to identify the highest and most suitable absorption wavelength.  Additionally, tests such as enzyme kinetics or multi-wavelength measurements, can also be processed.
The new portable spectrophotometer tests are immediately available for your use.  The photometric measurements are easy to run using easy to follow instructions on the portable spectrophotometer large digital display.

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