Spectronix Ar 2015p
The device is capable of providing fast and simultaneous spectral collection.

  The benefits of array technology include very fast scanning
  with ability to scan all wavelengths range of 200-800 nm
  (190-1100 nm) in less than 1second, which can be used for

  fast chemical reactions and denaturing materials.
  Plasma spectrometers are designed and tested for plasma
  spectroscopy. The device is capable of providing fast and
  simultaneous spectral collection.


   Optical Specifications     Description
   Wavelength range     200-800 nm (190-1100 nm)
   Straylight    < 0.03 %
   Resolution    < +1.0 nm
   Wavelength accuracy    < ± 0.1 nm
   Wavelength reproducibility    < ±0.02 nm for 10 consecutive scans (NIST 2034)
   Photometric accuracy    < ±0.01 A at 440.0 465.0 590.0 635.0 nm (NIST 930 e)
   Photometric noise    < 0.01 A 80 scan at 0 A , 500 nm
   Photometric stability    < 0.01 A/min at 0 A , 500 nm
   Baseline flatness    < 0.01 A 0.5 Second blank ,0.5 second scan at 0 A , 500 nm
   Scan time    2-1000 ms
   Typical scan time    0.1 s
    Detector    2000 Multichannel
    Physical Specifications     Description
   Communication    USB 2
   Software    Windows Xp ,7,8
   Height * Width * depth    22 * 12 * 27.5 cm
   Weight    4 kg
   Power    220 V AC 50/60 Hz


Plasma is used in a range of applications including elemental analysis, film deposition, plasma etching and surface cleaning. plama monitoring via the emission spectrum measured for the plasma sample can provide detailed elemental analysis for the sample and enable determination of critical plasma  parameters  required  for controlling a plasama-based process. The wavelengths of the emission lines are used to identify the elements present  in the plasma with emission line intensity used to quantify particle and electron densities in real time for process control.

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