Spectronix Ar 2015cm
The device can be used for determination of the color of the light sources.

 The benefits of array technology include very fast scanning
 with ability to scan all wavelengths range of 380-800 nm
 (190-1100 nm) in less than 1second, which can be used for

 fast chemical reactions and denaturing materials.



   Optical Specifications     Description
   Wavelength range    380-800 nm
   Straylight    < 0.03 %
   Resolution    < +1.0 nm
   Wavelength accuracy    < ± 0.1 nm
   Wavelength reproducibility    < ±0.02 nm for 10 consecutive scans (NIST 2034)
   Photometric accuracy    < ±0.01 A at 440.0 465.0 590.0 635.0 nm (NIST 930 e)
   Photometric noise    < 0.01 A 80 scan at 0 A , 500 nm
   Photometric stability    < 0.01 A/min at 0 A , 500 nm
   Baseline flatness    < 0.01 A 0.5 Second blank ,0.5 second scan at 0 A , 500 nm
   Scan time    2-1000 ms
   Typical scan time    0.1 s
   Light source    Halogen / Tungsten lamp
   Detector    1000 channels
    Physical Specifications     Description
   Communication    USB 2
   Software    Windows Xp ,7,8
   Height * Width * depth    22 * 12 * 27.5 cm
   Weight    8 kg
   Power    220 V AC 50/60 Hz


Color systems rely on instruments that utilize mathematics to help us judge color. As stated earlier, our eyes need three things to see color:a light source, an object and an observer/ processor. The same must be true for instruments to see color. W e as humans see color because our eyes process the interaction of light hitting an object.
Colorimetry (British English: colourimetry) is " the science and technology used to quantify and describe physically the human color perception. it is similar to spectrometry. But is distinquished by its interest in reducing spectra to the physical correlates of color perception. most often the CIE 1391 XYZ color space and related quantities.

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