Warranty and after-sales service:
- In the area of customer care, regarding the quality of our work, all of the products listed in Teifsanje website are guaranteed for one full year        from the date of purchase. If within the warranty period the product fails even by following all the precautions in the instruction manual, we         are obliged to repair or replace the product free of charge.
- All of the products manufactured by Teifsanje Tajhiz Pishrafteh company have 10 years after-sales services.

Conditions not covered under warranty:
- The defect or malfunction caused by transportation, electrical fluctuations, fire, heating, water, corrosive chemicals, natural disasters and               misuse.
- Devices that manipulated with someone except the engineers of Teifsanje Tajhiz Pishrafteh.
- Lamps and light sources (consumption).