Teifsanje tajhiz pishrafte is a knowledge-based company which its activities are in the areas of research, design, manufacture and development of analytical spectrometers and instruments. As an active company in the production of high-tech instruments, teifsanje represents its products to the consumers in the whole world.

The design and construction of the spectroscopy products and analytical instruments are based on the research and teamwork activities. In addition to the R&D, expert researchers in the areas of electronic, optic, mechanic, computer and chemistry are employed. Development and application of the produced instruments in the fields of chemistry, nanotechnology, medical sciences, industry, photonics and etc., are considered.

- Design, manufacture and development of spectroscopy instruments.
- Design and development of material analysis instruments.
- Development of the applications of the construeted instrument in various fields such as medicine, agricalture, chemistry, biochemistry and etc.
- Scientific and technical supports of products.
- Production of the instruments based on the consumer requirements.

- 2000: UV-Vis spectrophotometers are first presented by Teifsanje in Iran .
- 2001: Chromatographic instruments and their software are developed by Teifsanje Tajhiz Pishrafteh.
2002: Thermal analysis instruments are developed by Teifsanje Tajhiz Pishrafteh. 
- 2003: Multivariate calibration methods applied to quantitative determination of proteins, fats and etc. in various industrial products
- 2004: Design and construction of UV-Vis spectrophotometers.
- 2005: Design and construction of miniaturized spectrophotometer.
- 2006: The constructed spectrophotometer is elected as one of the best made-in-Iran products.
- 2005-2009: The first combination of fiber optic and linear array detection spectrophotometry is developed by Teifsanje Tajhiz Pishrafteh (one       of the “Top-50 most cited   articles” as published in Elsevier publisher: Anal. Chim. Acta, 2007, 597, 349).
- 2008: Design and construction of NanoDrop Array Spectrophotometer.
- 2009: Industrialization of products manufacturing.
- 2010-2014: Design and construction of  Raman Spectrometer, Spectrofluorometer and Colorimeter.
- 2015: Teifsanje was awarded as the best maufacturer in "Iranian Nanotechnology festival".
- 2015 The company’s quality management system is found to be in compliance with the provisions of the ISO 9001:2008 standards.
- 2015: Europe CE certification is successfully approved.
- 2015: Providing products to customers based on their needs (continued)
- 2017: Selection of the Raman Spectrometer as the Top design in " Iranian Scince and Technology Week"